The Secret Garden Market, how would I describe it? Lazy summer days spent in the shade of lush trees while sipping on hand-crafted gin and nibbling on freshly shucked oysters. Can someone say "bliss"?

The Secret Garden Market Launches

I  recently got to spend part of my afternoon strolling through an array of curated gift stalls. The wares were nothing if not beautiful and bespoke and offering anything the heart could possibly desire.

Set on the premises of an old Constantia Estate, the gardens were manicured and maintained beautifully and poised to make an exquisite impression on all who chose to enter her gates... The house itself was breathtaking and somewhat enviable, although I shudder to think of its value (clearly out of my price range).

The quaint stalls of The Secret Garden Market were spread out over the estate in a manner which led itself to slow explorations, ending a central point complimented with all the refreshments you could possibly crave.

Some of the days tasty treats (gobbled by me) included:
Crumbs & Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches, the ultimate ice cream sandwich. I chose the chocolate brownie cookies and a Snickers flavoured ice cream laced with peanut butter yumminess ... it did not disappoint! I have been wanting to try one of these for absolutely ever and a day!
 For more visit Crumbs & Cream's website.
Nothing gets me more excited than a food truck ... weird I know (I blame it on the Cape Town Street Food Festival). On this particular day, I ordered the chicken burger from Boulevard 82. There is nothing quite like some good wholesome food. The portions were really great too and it was super to see some Irish visitors enjoying the market.

As if I wasn't busting at the seams already, I just had to try the olive tasting station. Chrisna's Olives are from the Del Vera wine estate. There are a variety of whole olives, olive blends, tapenade's and pastes to try as well purchase.

 This Mediterranean mix was the shizzle and of course a pot went home with me!

Next up... something to "whet the proverbial whistle" and boy were we thirsty by now. The sun was beating down, we had been browsing for an hour or two and we came across this locally crafted ginger beer.
Made by The Dragon Brewing Co. this ginger beer comes in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties and a new cherry flavour in the process of being launched.

I must be honest and say the non-alcoholic version is divine, it is not overly sweet (a huge plus for me), it is mild in taste with refreshing spicy undertones ... an absolute winner for any summer soiree.
Sit, relax and enjoy some shade and live music, all whilst nibbling on your purchases and sipping on your drinks. It's rather like a communal garden party. Chairs, blankets and bamboo mats are provided and they do rather encourage, nudge and coerce you to spend a lazy day at The Secret Garden Market

Upon my explorations, these were a few of the wares which caught my attention:
 Beautiful floral canvas block prints.

Seed bricks by Supersprout, these are germinating seed slabs. Heirloom, organic, Non-GMO seeds. For more visit Supersprout's website.

Velt, a local handmade collective of pressed fauna, which has been framed to create beautiful feature pieces.
Bottled in the Cape's beautiful handmade jewellery pieces, including porcelain pendants from shards collected on the beach from shipwrecks.
Vintage and antique jewellery collectables, enough to make you want to give-away your paycheck ... you have been warned!
Stunning and stylish pottery worth displaying in the most humble of kitchens. I just love love love these green floral designs and this gorgeous figurine.

There was so much to see, do, taste and purchase that my post does not really do it all the justice it deserves. I do however hope that it encourages you to come and explore and support this lovely new little market. Catch the latest news and upcoming events on their Facebook page - The Secret Garden Market

A big thank you to Marina Nestel of The Little Black Book PR for the opportunity to attend the first of what I can see will be many markets.

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