Hey guys, sorry I have been so quiet but somehow life managed to "klap me" ... as in sucker punch me (for the non-South Africans) again. My parents have been in and out of hospital again so I have been playing chef, taxi and shopping assistant for the past two months ... man am I exhausted!

I am however still standing! No mean feat I tell ya, no mean feat.

Solo and sad, my battle song

Sadly I have also not managed to shake off the loneliness and yearning for a life partner, so once again despite my better judgement, I tried online dating. Oh, my holy aunt guys ... #wtf @%&*^
I know that I am overweight and that I am no supermodel ... but Lord have mercy, it is like every weirdo in the universe thinks that I am his best match .... oh, hells to the no!

So once again, I have left the world of cyber dating, disheartened, disillusioned and quite honestly feeling like shit! I would rather be a snivelling pile of self-pity than a self-hating, self-doubting human ... honestly, I would!

So life is still solo and well let's just say ... bah humbug and move on alright?

I did, however, discover THE GREATEST SHOWMAN, a musical movie and I have been enamoured since the moment I first listened to the theme song/anthem "THIS IS ME". In fact, it pretty much describes exactly how I feel. Feelings which can only be described as follows "that the modern man seems unable to look past a woman's physical attributes". It is such a great movie, worth every penny and well Hugh Jackman is not bad to look at either ... and that fabulous song ... do take a listen.

So despite the desire to be paired up with someone, I made a few promises to myself this year and I have started checking off my list, starting with a holiday. I have decided that I will no longer say "when I meet someone", but rather that I will do things even if it means doing it solo or with a friend.

Well, I have an exciting holiday coming up in Vietnam and I just can't wait ... it'll be my first holiday overseas in 17 years and I am beside myself with anticipation. A friend and I are taking a much needed "me time", in a foreign land, with an exotic culture, great shopping and a whole host of other adventures ... so watch this space!

I just want to remind you of what I tell myself each day. 
That no matter what, you are worth the effort, you are enough and you've got this babe!
Go on, conquer the world and show them that you can! ... and if you are anything like me ...

Get up little sister your time has come
the world you despise is now undone
Get up little sister rise and shine
only you can create the heavenly and sublime
Get up little sister and never lay down
for your worth and value lie in your crown

** images: Unsplash