I am a foodie of note, which you would know if you are a regular follower of my blog. Working in social media means that I am constantly exposed to the newest, best and brightest of everything. While few things capture my eye, a good restaurant or a travel deal are guaranteed to knab my attention within seconds.

So when the new restaurant called Marigold launched in Franschoek I was intrigued, to say the least, there were gorgeous images splashed across Facebook and Instagram and I started to have some serious #fomo ... yes, for reals. It was then that Marigold Restaurant progressed to my #2018 wishlist without hesitation. Marigold is housed in Heritage Square and complements the Leeu Collection hospitality portfolio.

These past holidays I made a lunch date with a long-time friend who lives in Franschoek, and the two of us toddled along for lunch at Marigold Restaurant.

My Marigold Restaurant Experience

Being an authentic Indian restaurant Marigold's serve truly unique Indian dishes which you may struggle to find elsewhere. The tone is immediately set once you enter the quaint venue which seats a maximum of 60 people. The decor is rich in metals and warm tones all speaking to the namesake and inspiration of marigolds which are a vibrant orange.

The tables are beautifully set and arranged so as to get as much intimacy and privacy for the individual tables,  as you can within the confines such a small space. The beautifully screened windows are not only decorative but filter the bright light coming in, and they once again add to the rooms beauty and ambience.

The problem is where to start on the menu? We that's easy, start with the #Thali.

What is Thali you may ask?
“Thali” is a composite and wholesome meal with various small portions served on one platter. The idea behind the Thali is to offer all the various flavours of Indian kitchen – sweet, salty, spicy, crispy and sour.

A Thali feast

At Marigold it is offering of what our chef likes the best  and was a composite of the following:

Vegetarian - R280 
- One vegetarian Indian street food
- One vegetarian tandoori starters
- One vegetarian main dish
- One Basmati Rice
- One Dal Preparation
- One Salad
- One Yoghurt
- One tandoori naan
- One dessert

Non-vegetarian - 320 
- One non-vegetarian Indian street food (fish goujons)
- One non-vegetarian tandoori starters (tandoori chicken)
- One non-vegetarian main dish (lamb kebab)
- One Basmati Rice
- One Dal Preparation (we had yellow dal)
- One Salad
- One Yoghurt (Raita)
- One tandoori naan
- One dessert (yoghurt khulfi ice-cream lollie)

While the servings may look meagre to the naked eye, I promise you that you will be busting at the seams once you have finished your Thali.

"The individual dishes are flavour filled and a virtual feast for the senses whilst the khulfi cleanses the pallet and leaves you feeling refreshed."

The waitrons are so efficient, maybe a little too serious but Sive our waiter was all that you would expect from a fine-dining establishment (he did smile for his photo). The uniforms are reminiscent of a bygone Victorian era and very impressive.

All-in-all from the food, the presentation the beautiful venue it is a dining experience to beat, and I will definitely be back to sample the normal menu and once again tantalise my taste buds.


For more info, click here - Marigold Restaurant

** Disclaimer -  This is not a sponsored post but my own personal experience and expense