I recently reviewed some wonderful satin pillowslips and I just wanted to share that once again Dear Deer have come up with the most amazing additions!

Dear Deer add two new sizes to their collection

As you all know I love nothing more than finding me an spoil, but what I am about to share will suit both the little and maybe the larger in your life. Now now, settle down ladies I'm not going down that road, let keep it about the waistline.

Tee hee ... however, this is for the bedroom, just saying!

Here's a hint ...

Dear dear continually comes up with new and interesting innovations. Today it's time to bring you the mini-pillowcase and the king size pillowslip aka continental pillowslip.

The colour range which includes:
- Vanilla
- Grey
- Blue
- White
- Fawn
- Rose
- Fuschia

You can now get it in either a small travel size or alternatively, you can get the King size pillowslip. These are available in your favourite colours and are available online now.

So come on girls, I know Christmas is over But they were still time for one last little spoil. I've got mine #sorrynotsorry

For those frequent flyers and travellers, I would highly highly recommend the little mini pillow and satin pillowcase. It is not only great at preventing you from getting those lines and wrinkles (pillow squish) while snoozing on the plane or hotel, but is small enough to sneak in your overnight bag.

However, for those who love to sleep comfort and style with plenty of pillows and plush cushions, then the King size pillow will surely be your only source of comfort. It is the ultimate luxury and something that will not only spoil you, but it will also add a little Hollywood style glamour to your "boudoir" and bed.

Prices you can afford

1. Mini/ Travel Pillow
- inner: R80
- pillowslip: R150

2. Continental Pillow
- Pillowslip: R225

Why should you consider a satin pillowcase? 

Here are 3 good reasons out of many:

After all, now you can have it ... in big, small or medium girls the choice is yours...

Oops, did I say that. .. Dear deer me!


** Disclaimer 2