A wrinkle-free skin, no pain and plenty of energy are what we all dream of (or is it just me?)... and then reality sets in! As we age everything starts to slow down, droop and look anything but perky ... it's true I tell ya! After all, I used to be one of the biggest nay-sayers, never quite understanding in my 20 something brain how these 'middle aged', 40 something women could have so many complaints, aches, pains, and chin hairs.

My now 43-year old self had somewhat of an "aha" moment, and I now fully grasp how my then clients felt. With that being said, there is nothing I would not do to prevent a few lines and wrinkles or shed a few pounds.

I recently came across the Dear Deer satin pillow slips and I decided to give them a try!

Here is my anti-wrinkle journey with satin pillow slips ...


Dear Deer is quite an interesting brand with a real story of personal loss and the determination to fight back. 

Owned and run by local entrepreneur Chelle Lovatt, she describes her mission as follows 
"Losing my Mum to Cancer made me rethink my life’s purpose so Dear Deer became a little weekend project to raise funds for the many charities I hold dear to my heart, it was also a nice way for me to honour losing my Mum (my best friend). What started out as a labour of love has now become my full-time focus."

Satin pillow slips are said to be an investment for both your hair and skin, and here is why:
- maintains the natural moisture balance in your hair
- minimises facial wrinkles and puffiness

My bedroom is beige and so I was looking for a set slips that would match the majority of my duvet sets and the rose gold just seemed to be a perfect fit!
I must be honest and say I had to acclimatize to sleeping on satin. I struggle with sounds and for some reason, all I could hear was a crunching sound? Man, I can irritate myself at times! I find the great thing is that the pillows do absorb excess oil and this stops you from "overusing " pillows before washing them (which is just plain gross anyways)! Do you know how much dead skin and bacteria sit on a pillow ... blegh!

Also, cat hair does not stick to these, another plus in my world where the kitties rule and take over the pillows (the struggle is real, but so are the cuddles = worth it!). I sleep with my hair up so that wasn't really a concern for me.

I have gotten used to my satin pillow slips and now I love them ... and I'm pretty sure my skin does too because let's face it when you're over forty and you hear fewer wrinkles ... you are there with bells on and a pot of retinol or vitamin c in the other hand.

If you want something for your Christmas beauty wishlist, then these are a winner!

If you want more info visit here:  Dear Deer's website 

** This is not a sponsored post