Nothing says fun, flirty and summer quite like a sparkling pink bottle of fragrance. As you all know by now I love my fragrances and I am not averse to the lesser known and more pocket-friendly variety too.

So today is my second budget friendly fragrance I bought on the TakeALot.coms sale. Today's fragrance is none other than Victoria's Secret Pure Daydream.

Fragrance Review: Victoria's Secret Pure Daydream

So first up let me say that what I love about the Victoria's Secret fragrances (the ones that I have tried) is that both the fragrance and the packaging are relatively uncomplicated. Why do I love this? Because honestly some days I just want a barely there fragrance and no fuss ... so these are just perfect!

The packaging is a fun, flirty and pink with a touch of gold and turquoise. At first glance, it's plain, simple and with no fancy "bits". The bottle itself is again a simple and straight up bottle with a gold spritz applicator and lid. The fragrance name is printed on the bottle along with a cute little bow (not unlike those found on your favourite VS knickers) and that is it ... no really!
The fragrance itself is pink in colour, while the composition lacks conformity and is once again rather unique. How so? It does not adhere to the traditional top, middle and base note but rather simply has two elements to it.

FRAGRANCE NOTES: Pearl Orchid & Pink Currant
Retails: R149.00

The fragrance is said to be ...
"Seductive and alluring, the perfect finishing touch"

Personally, I find the fragrance initially to be quite fruity on my skin, it later softens to a soft feminine and slightly sweet aroma. The fragrance is not long lasting and definitely, requires a touch up at least every 3-4 hours. But, I do love it and this is about my third bottle of Victoria Secret Pure Daydream ... so that says something I'm sure.

You can find this loveliness on both and and they have the body spritz and cream to go with it if you like layering.