Nothing makes my heart happier than a day out adventuring about Cape Town and the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is no exception. From the sweeping views to the constant holiday vibe, it leaves little to boredom and a groaning bank account.

The sights and smells are amazing and so is the food offerings, you can find anything from a fish and chips takeaway to the best in fine dining. I am no food snob I can quite happily sit on the dockside and manage to pack away a tradition "slap" chips and fish parcel. However, on this particular day, I felt like a tranquil fine dining experience with mumsy and honestly, it was great.

So where did we go?

Camissa Brasserie At The Table Bay Hotel

The decor is reminiscent of Old School Library meets Colonial Plantation. There is loads of plush leather, fabulous wood craftsmanship and just enough of the unusual such as the glass decanter chandelier.
If you are looking for an upmarket lunch for business or pleasure this certainly is the place to come. Camissa Brasserie has quaint little nooks for you to escape to and enjoy your meal without having to shout over the buzz.

The views are expansive and magnificent as one would expect!

I love the touch of local with our indigenous Proteas as part of the table decor, they are truly beautiful and unique. A touch of beauty from the majestic fynbos family.

So mumsy and I were actually on the run that day and not really looking for an extended or heavy lunch. we had come with the express purpose of collecting a package and grabbing a light lunch.

We spotted the roasted butternut and goats cheese salad on the menu and it was a "hells yes!". we both love creamy cheeses and roast butternut ... a no brainer really!
The salad was delicious with just the right amount of dressing on the wild rocket and I loved the crunchiness added by the roast pumpkin seeds, all perfectly juxtaposed by the rich but soft and creamy cheese.

The service at this restaurant is five star as one would expect with Camissa Brasserie being housed within the Table Bay Hotel. The staff are quick to smile and go out of their way to ensure an exceptional meal, not matter how big or small your choice.

I absolutely love the tranquility of the "off peak hours" and will definitely be back to visit again.