I am sure it is not just me, that we are all in fact short of time! No matter how hard, smart or efficiently we work in a day it seems as though time is just fleeting.

Would it not be amazing if we could simply buy a few more hours in a day ... you know like data /airtime and everything else which is readily available. Would it alleviate the pressure and the constant feeling of being stretched? Honestly ... I doubt it!


No matter how stressed or tired you are, it is of the utmost importance to take some time out and just rest. Your brain needs time to process all the constant flow of information and store it away. Your body needs to restore itself and regain a sense of equilibrium and you need to just let go!

Now I am not saying shirk your responsibilities, let yourself go and become a hermit ... no no no! What I am saying is that you need to manage yourself and your free time properly , here are 3 areas which I feel are my way of restoring my sense of balance:

Nothing helps to rid your body and muscles more of stress and tension than a good work out. It helps to get rid of muscle tension , up the heart rate and keeps the body functioning at health and optimal levels.

My personal favourite form of exercise is Adventure Boot Camp , I love the high-intensity workout, the fact that the trainers focus on specific muscle groups giving you a toned and healthy body.

I cannot express enough that supplementation is not just about the basic vitamins ... yes, these are important however you may have other needs too.

On a personal note about 1 year ago, I experienced burnout for the first time, my adrenal glands were exhausted. I was overweight, exhausted, stressed and my body and brain started to shut down ... chronic illness was an understatement. I immediately saw one of the functional medicine doctors at Health Renewal, they ran a series of blood tests and came back with a plan to get my health back and to restore function back in my life. I now take a Vitamin D3 supplement , adrenal support supplement, Omega 3 , CoQ10, Pre, and Probiotics ... a lot to swallow ... but the proof is in the pudding!

I am now able to cope better with stress, my day to day functioning is loads better and whilst I still struggle with excess stress and short term memory loss it is now well managed.

For me stretching my brain means reading a book , not a digital book but a proper paperback. It not only allows a digital detox but allows me to stay focused but relax ... all whilst my brain is being stretched.

For those who need a quick fix, there is Brain Training a form of neurofeedback technology I have yet to try. It is on my bucket list for this short term memory restoration and available at Brain Renewal.

I believe that we all need to find what works for us, for our budget and maybe even chose to prioritise health over a few other luxuries ... after all, you only live once... and I chose a healthy life! One thing does, however, remain a priority and that is TIMEOUT. Set aside time for yourself with no compromise and allow yourself to be the happy, healthy, best you possible.

** This is not a sponsored post