So I have been trying for the longest time to put together enough moola to make a few changes to this little space of mine. It's funny how everytime I just set out on this mission I tend to get myself cash strapped and have to cancel the idea.

But for now I managed to scrape together enough to find a beautiful design template and have it professionally installed for me, so please do be patient over the next week or so as the changes happen and come about.

I have toyed with the idea of changing the name and domain and have finally decided ...heck no! Just because I as a person grow and develop does not mean I change my name, so, for now, Femme Lifestyle is here to stay!

Thank you as always for dropping by, leaving comments and just simply doing life with me!

Change is good and I am looking forward to seeing what my new look and feel will hold .... eeeeep!

Oh dear, guess I'll have to create a new signature too :)