So I have some huge news!

Femme Lifestyle will shortly be changing completely!! yes, completely!

Whilst I absolutely adore my little space , I have changed so much and in so many ways since embarking on my blogging journey , what started off as a beauty blog is now in essence a lifestyle blog and I am rather enjoying it that way.

The process is not going to be an overnight change but rather a two month journey of planning , changing names and yes, even changing platforms.

I hope that you will celebrate with me when the time comes and that you too embrace change as much as I have had to embrace change over the last four years!
Here is what I have learnt about change in the last 6 months ...

1. Change is inevitable 
Whether you like it or not time marches on and you can either choose to 'go with the flow' and stick with what is comfortable OR you can choose to be uniquely you and do what makes your heart happy!

2. Change can bring about positive results
A small change in the way you LIVE YOUR LIFE can bring about a huge change in the way you LIVE OUT YOUR LIFE. For me, it was committing myself to finding my health , changing the way I look at food ... admitting I was addicted to food and making the changes. THE RESULT I am now 30kg's lighter than I was before, healthier than I've been in 15 years and loving an active lifestyle.

3. Change is infectious
I have noticed that when people see your life changing for the positive, they are positively influenced and want 'some of what you have'. Share the joy, encouragement and inspiration with those around you. It will make your heart happy and put a little sunshine in someone else's day too!

So keep your eyes and ears tuned in for the changes up ahead , however in the meantime it will be business as usual!

I would love for you to share how change has brought about positive things in your life, take 2 minutes and leave a comment below it would mean the world to me.