love him , hate him do what you will! In my books Jamie Oliver is a winner when it comes to easy meals, recipes that are fresh and delicious and an all round endearing personality.

In the realm of tv chefs there are few that are as natural and humble as Jamie Oliver, and mainly because of this one feels drawn to watch him. Jamie orchestrates meals in his own unique style of 'kitchen chaos' and leaves you drooling in anticipation.
Penguin Books have just announced that Jamie Oliver will be releasing two new publications this year ... can I hear a squeeeeeee!

Here are the deets...

Jamie's publisher of choice Michael Joseph was thrilled to announce that the first book will be around the subject of healthy eating for the family and the second title will be a long awaited Christmas book.

With further details around each title to be released in the following months, Jamie had this to say:

"Doing two books in one year is incredibly exciting. First up, there's my Family Super Food. I've had such a lot of positive feedback that it's inspired me to focus on the dishes that people really love but that perhaps aren't so healthy, and rewrite them so they fit into my super food philosophy to make them easy and accessible for everyone.
To end the year on a real high, there's my epic Christmas cookbook, which is the culmination of 17 years work of fine-tuning the ultimate in amazing recipes, tricks and tips that will deliver every time and support you in making that special time of year the very best it can be. I'll only do this book once, so it's been a long time in the making. I know you'll love it and hope you'll go back to it year after year."

If you enjoy good food, great recipes and a fun new take on entertaining, then I guess you'll be waiting with baited breath ... as will I!

Family Super Food and Jamie’s Christmas will be published by Michael Joseph in 2016. 

More details to be announced.