It's been my experience that when we first start travelling both near and far, we tend to pack some seemingly insignificant essentials in all the wrong ways.

These small errors can result in either wasted space or unwanted leaks.

So here are 5 of my top travel tips for everyday travel ...
1. always roll your panties into tight rolls and stuff them inside your trainers, this takes up what would otherwise be wasted space.

2. Invest in ZipLoc bags and put each spritzer or aerosol spray in it's own bag and zip it tight to prevent any leaks over your precious clothes.

3. Always pack your shoes around the outer edges of your suit case, this gives added support so that when your baggage is transported it protects your precious good inside.

4. invest in a travel sized pack of decanters from a local pharmacy/drugstore and decant enough product for your stay, without have to lug around full sized products or adding extra weight to your limited weight allowance.

5. Always pack a pair of lightweight foam 'flip-flops', you can use these to shower in at your destination to ensure that you do not pick up 'hotel nasties' such as athlete's foot.

They are not earth shattering revelations, however these tips have helped me considerably in the past, I sure hope they help you too.

Now onto a fabulous adventure, a celebration of epic proportions, it's the ...

Tintswalo Atlantic - 'The Rise of the Phoenix' dinner!
After the devastating Cape fires of March 2015, which burned lodge to the ground. The luxury lodge proudly reopened in November 2015 and is now better than ever.

One of the saviours at the time was the NSRI and so Tintswalo have decided to donate all proceeds from tickets sold for the night to the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI). 

Tintswalo CEO, Lisa Goosen, says of the NSRI, “They are selfless and truly heroic in all that they do. They gave us great hope in humanity when we were faced with our loss, and we hope to give a little back to them by holding this event in their honour.”

COST: Tickets for the dinner are R3000 per couple and R9500 per suite for the night (including dinner and breakfast).

DATE: On the 2 March 2016.   

BONUS: Further to an opulent evening of great cuisine, exquisite views and wonderful entertainment, sensational prizes will also be auctioned off.

Tickets can be bought directly from Tintswalo Atlantic via phone on
021 201 0025 or via email at or

Join the Tintswalo Atlantic team and guests for what promises to be an unforgettable evening.