So once again it has really been a rough start to the year with my gran having had a stroke shortly before Christmas, and eventually succumbing to illness almost two weeks ago.

It was a rather sad and non-existent Christmas for our family's, with only the kids being blissfully unaware of the trauma and sadness surrounding our gran's health. Gran has always been a stalwart pillar of strength in our family, a person of faith, strength and undying love for her family.

How sad it was to see her diminished and suffer so much towards the end, a fate I wish upon no-one ... not even my worst enemy. Gran lived to the ripe old age of 92years and we have been super blessed to have her around for four generations, after all not everyone get's to know their 'great granny' and the kids in our family adored her.

Sadly we say goodbye, but with a grateful heart. We have released her to the Lord, and are ever thankful that she is no longer suffering, gran will forever be in our hearts, homes, kitchens and in my case ... my garden too.

Farewell Granny-Ma we will miss you always!

and now for my 'mojo' ...

You may have noticed my sporadic appearances and definite absence over the last few months, and for this I apologise. I have had a change in job , a serious bout of depression, a pursuit of my health and then my gran ... a lot to chew over the last 6 months really.
I am happy to say that I am in a much better space, with a job I love (albeit challenging) , well on my way back to health and currently about 27kg's lighter. I have finally rediscovered my blogging 'mojo' and I will do my utmost to be here more often and keep you updated on great food, fabulous hotels , new cosmetics, great reads and the occasional launch.

Thank you my precious followers, for never loosing faith in me! I appreciate it more than you will ever know!

Thanks you as well, to the brands that have supported me through thick and thin. Brands such as Revlon, Hills Pet Nutrition, Penguin Randomhouse Struik, Irvine Bartlett PR, Paula Wilson Media, Gosh Cosmetics, Ster Kinekor, Because PR Freebees PR and Little Black Book PR. Your brands are as amazing as you are, and I am truly honoured to work with you.

So here is to a GREAT 2016 despite all that has gone before me, I am resolute in the fact that this will be a fabulous year and one to remember!