It's once again #BreastCancerAwareness month and this post is in support of two of my favourite causes #RelateBracelets and #ThinkPink

Here's how you can contribute ...

This month Foschini wants everyone to Think Pink (#thinkpink) in aid of breast cancer awareness, inviting people to wear the change they want to see in the world by partnering with non-profit social enterprise Relate Bracelets and Pink Drive.
The retailer will be turning pink for the cause – shopping bags, window displays, dedicated mirror decals in fitting rooms, even their logo.

The campaign is to encourage women to check their breasts, and further spread the message to friends and family to check their own – to #pledgepink, because breast cancer is a daunting concept, as is checking your breasts, and it’s always more fun and less intimidating with a loved one by your side.
“With awareness comes action so we’re motivating customers to check their breasts through the #pledgepink part of the campaign. Customers can pledge to check their breasts in our #pledgepink books in stores, or digitally on our dedicated events page on Facebook,” says Louise van Wyk, Head of Marketing: Foschini Division.
“To spread the commitment, customers are encouraged to challenge a friend to make the pledge too and share the movement on social media using the hashtags: #thinkpink #pledgepink #foschini.”
Relate Pink Drive Bracelets are available in stores throughout October, with proceeds from bracelets supporting Pink Drive, as well as the elderly women who bead for the non-profit in the townships, and the young staff currently on courses to expand their career path beyond Relate. 
“Funds raised from the campaign will be used to keep Pink Drive’s mobile mammo trucks on the road,” says Van Wyk.
“What’s more, our lingerie suppliers have also taken up the cause, and Triumph, Playtex and Wonderbra are donating R2.50 for every bra purchased at Foschini stores during October. The suppliers of Foschini house brand lingerie are also donating R2.50 for selected items.”
So join Foschini and Relate Bracelets this month - and let’s get breast cancer aware!
#thinkpink #pledgepink #foschini #RelateBracelets

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