It's been a while since last I indulged in sushi and to be honest when I 'do sushi' I almost 'vreet' myself into a coma!

One of my favourite places to quiet my craving and indulge in my favourite bite sized treats is Sake at Sable Square in Cape Town. They have the most amazing special at R139.00 eat all you can sushi buffet, which includes two servings of sashimi (per person) , tempura prawns , salmon roses and bow ties over and above the norm ... Can I hear a yummy!

The cutest thing on this particular day was my mumsy, she joined me for sushi and a full 'eat all you can sushi ' for the first time ever!
You should  have seen her bulging cheeks and how much fun she had picking her sushi off the conveyor belt, it was priceless and I would do it again just to see how much fun she had.
The selection of sushi at Sake offers enough variety that you do not get bored ( this is by no means a gourmet sushi restaurant with all the new age fancy additions) there is always something to snatch and dart off with, leaving you to lick your lips and relish it in a quiet corner.
Sushi is an acquired taste and a sushi buffet takes some education when it comes to the ...

- come hungry
- minimise drinking (this makes the rice swell and you get fuller quicker)
- minimise sandwiches and rolls with a lot of rice, again this fills you up super quickly
- always take something that peaks your interest, it may never come around again
- go with someone who is familiar with the restaurant, this way you know how to order sashimi, tempura and salmon roses

Often times restaurants will not tell you about the little extra's so always ask and don't be shy.
Pictured here you can see some of my favourites  ... enjoy!
Ooooh Bow Ties! How do I love thee let me count the ways!
Nothing is nicer than a light as air sticky gooey Bow Tie to round off your meal , they are just delicious!
Overall the restaurant is not particularly wheel chair friendly, there are no in-house bathrooms and booking is essential in the evenings and on weekends especially if you are planning to sit inside.

I love visiting SAKE for sushi because it is always fresh, tasty, good value and not overcrowded. The centre has plenty of parking and as an added bonus I can browse China Town.The service is generally good (not always the friendliest but I keep going back, so that alone speaks for itself.

I hope you are having a super weekend!

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