Revlon have had the fragrance line called Pink Happiness for sometime which has always had a fun , whimsical and rather youthful feel to it.
Recently Revlon have refreshed the Pink Happiness Range and love has never smelled or felt so good! The Pink Happiness range has always stood for love , attraction and all those happy feelings that accompany love and in July 2015 repackaged the range to include the universal symbol of love ... hearts!

I was lucky enough to receive one of these pretty pink fragrances in a recent press drop. Mumsy was with me and at the very first whiff she said 'ooooh that is so you!' and she is so right.

What always amazes me about the Revlon press drops is the amount of detail that goes into them and what a treat this box of treasures turned out to be, here just take a look.
Okay so onto our actual FRAGRANCE FRIDAY post and of course our featured fragrance ...

Described as ...
' A real treat for those lovers of cherry notes, stimulating the imagination. It is inspired by French landscapes, bicycling through orchards, picking cherries and summertime full of fun and enjoyment. ' Carine Boin (Perfumer)

Top Notes: Cherries, coconut, apple, pear, pineapple and strawberries
Middle Notes: Rose
Base Notes: Musk and sweet Vanilla 

I absolutely adore this scent which reminds me of cherry lollipops and little girls laughter , it gives me a sense of feeling young and carefree ( at 40 you can't buy enough of that!). 
It is a rather sweet scent, but not heady or clingy making it ideal for warm sunny days.

Packaging : 3/5 -  I love the cute and whimsical packaging and the bottle is very cute -
Longevity: 3.5/5 - I found this fragrance to last between 3 - 5 hours on my skin
Retails: R289.00

Overall I love this fragrance and will definitely repurchase .

The range includes: 
Pink Happiness - Original 
Pink Happiness - Little Secrets
Pink Happiness - Sheer Delight
Pink Happiness - Sweet Bliss
Pink Happiness - Delicate Moments

All are available at your major retailers and pharmacies , for more visit

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