So tomorrow is the 41st celebration of me!

Yep, I'm leaving the 40 and heading onwards into a whole new year.

This year has been anything but moonshine and roses, but no matter how I look at it I am stronger and wiser and really blessed with great friends and family.
I feel like the last year has really taught me that I do not need to be a people pleaser and that I am entitled to consider myself when making decisions. I have come to realize that no matter what life throws at me, I can weather the storm as long as I have my faith.

In the year ahead I really want to focus on my health and doing some serious 'adulting', along the lines of saving towards a home of my own and a new car. I can't believe how blessed I am in my new job and I just keep waiting for the bubble to burst (even if it only allows me to be here once in a while now) but I know that it is a blessing from above and I am super grateful.

I also realized this year the value of people and having friends and family in the here and now, in fact so much so I didn't even get to compile a birthday wishlist, strange I know... but these are a few items on my longstanding wish list:

- Nespresso machine
- spiraliser from Yuppichef
- a new bed
- new couches
- a bottle of perfume
- some bath goodies from Lush
- some of the new Spa's of the World range from The Body Shop
- a Le Creuset pot
- a new duvet set from Mr Price
- some new pillows and throws for my lounge
- few picture frames in various sizes
- a leather shopper style handbag big enough to take my laptop

As you can see it's all higgeldy piggeldy but it's me and what I like, so slowly does it and some saving is required but I will get there :)

I've had a super lunch with friends today as a pre-celebration and now I'm off to bed as tomorrow is my day celebrating with my family.

Sweet dreams and may you too realize that things of the world are second to friends, family and the small blessings of every day!