Prepare yourself for a kitty cuteness overload... Well it was for me anyway!

After my little Tiger's accident a few months ago where he was knocked down by a car and his pelvis was broken clean in half, we have since been through a two month isolation period. Tiger is now fully recovered he no longer is able to scale walls like he used to but believe me he is already climbing trees and chasing birds after a total of 3 months.

The challenge now was that I have two cats with hip problems and the potential for arthritis to set in.

Hill's kindly helped to transition all 3 of my cats  :
Mischka 8yrs white male
Tiger - 6yrs - Tabby male with damaged pelvis
Duke - 4yrs - mixed breed male , malformed hips from a malnourished feral mommy cat

They moved onto the new Prescription Diet for Joint Mobility J/D ( wet and dry food) this can delay the onset of arthritis and prevent further damage to the joints but cannot completely eliminate the potential onset of arthritis in my Tiger and Duke.
The challenge was my Duke , he was a soft food cat only and would rather go hungry for a whole day than eat kibble biscuits but the fact remained that with Tiger now on a special diet it made sense to put all three of them on the same diet, especially with Duke's hip problems.

Hill's explained to me that I would need to slowly decrease Duke's soft food, whilst adding more and more kibble until eventually Duke would transition onto the kibble only. I must say I was getting very disheartened when we went through this process, but eventually I came out tops and Duke is now officially eating kibble biscuits .... Yay me!
Mischka has a ferocious appetite and he never leaves a single pellet behind at meal times , just look at him licking those lips ...too flippin cute!
Tiger is rather timid natured especially towards his brothers, but on the flip side he is a 'lethal stealth hunter' of all moving things, hence his accident. He was silly enough to cross a main road to go look for mice or voles and I am sure praying he won't do it again.
And this is my Duke or as I call him Dukie or Dukiness (yes, from gummi bears) , he refused to let me take any pics of him munching but afterwards had the cheek to yawn whilst I was trying to capture some prettiness on camera for you guys ....eish!

Hills here is the evidence of their healthy noses and happy transitio.

I cannot tell how much healthier the cats are on the Hill's Prescription Diet , their noses are always wet. The cats drink plenty of water and their poop is a lot more compact dry and less pungent in odor.

Thank you Hill's , you guys area amazing and I know I'll be thanking you for years to come.

Prescription Diet kibble is only available at Vets who stock Hills and not in retail stores , they are a little more costly but worth every penny.

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