On the shoreline of Cape Town lies a lazy little sleepy hollow graced both by a thriving equestrian community and creative community, add to this a strip of the most gorgeous white sandy beaches, a love for laid back afternoons enjoying good food and the company of great friends and what do you get?

Well, Noordhoek of course!

Last weekend I had to drive my mum (who's had a hip replacement) through to see my 91yr old grandma who was having a little bout of 'the blues', and so we decided to explore Noordhoek and stop for a bite to eat with granny.

It's amazing what a little sunshine , a zimmer-frame and  a crutch can do for two oldies (tee hee). As it happens it seemed to give them some added motivation and soon they were buzzing along with me through the Cape Dutch Nurseries and Noordhoek Village.

Today I am going to share a series of photo's from Cape Dutch Nurseries as part 1 of my 2 part series ... I do hope you enjoy exploring along with me.

On arrival and entry into the nursery one is greeted with a multitude of little shops , deli's and a restaurant. As you progress into the complex you are overwhelmed with a feeling of a fairyland,, attributed mainly to the cement toadstools dotted all over in between the plants... a sweet touch that leads you into an enchanted 'forrest' of plants.
I love how this nursery focuses on the 'usual' plants available but also has a wide variety of succulents and indigenous plants available too.

Here take a look for yourself ...
The picturesque mountains in the background and yes another beautiful Cape Town winters day.
Because every Princess needs a crown ...

I also could not resist taking pictures of the cute and naughty little cement fountains ...

So as you can see these are the cute and impish fountains which I could not resist and the look on this dogs face is priceless!
Indigenous Cacti , Succulents and Fynbos plants ...
The aloe which is such a versatile plant in South Africa used for it's juice , it's flesh and local medicines.
This above folks is pretty much me (Heather)in a pot ... ain't my namesake the prettiest thang ever!
This waterplant above is what we in South Africa know as Waterblommetjies or (water flowers- direct translation) they are used in soups and very often in stews here.

Here is a link to recipe for Waterblommetjie breedie (stew) by a well known foodie and friend of mine (recipe)
All good things come to an end and after much oohing and aaahing we then decided to move onto the Noordhoek Farm Village for some lunch.
Watch this space for my next adventure to the Noordhoek Farm Village (Part 2)

For more info on Cape Dutch Gardens:
Noordhoek Garden Emporium
Tel: +0027 21 789 2100
May - August : 9:00 to 17:00
September - April : 8:00 to 17:00

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