So as you know I no longer feature skin care products on my blog , as mentioned though I do still cover cosmetics and make up.
I was recently sent the most amazing eye shadow trio's by Almay and I am honestly suitable impressed.

These lovelies are honestly the most amazing consistency, they have build-able colour and come in the cutest drop shaped packaging ever.

What you might like to know is that they come in 3 ranges
- ALMAY INTENSE i-COLOUR Evening Smoky in 4 colour selections
- ALMAY INTENSE i-COLOU Everyday Neutrals in 4 colour selections - my two are in this category
- ALMAY INTENSE i-COLOUR Party Brights in 4 colour selections

Theses trio's are easy to use and the compacts are designed to mimic the shape of the eye , giving you a guide as to the application (clever ne'!)

Here is a closer look at the neutral trio #105 (suitable for brown eyes)
Quite honestly I think it would suit just about any eye colour , the shadows give great coverage and you can build the colour up to your desired intensity.
They last for approximately 4-6 hrs on my skin and then I need to touch up a little.
I love it!

Next up is neutral trio #105 (suitable for brown eyes)

Okay so I have to be honest and say I am not really a fan of purple myself , but my mom swooned at this trio and snatched it in the blink of an eye.
She tested it for me and when I asked what she thought she said 'do you have any other colours it's fabulous' , needless to say I hid mine (tee hee).

These shadows are available at leading pharmacies and retailers from Mid-August (in other words now!).
Retail for R209.00

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