Nothing says comfort food in winter quite like Risotto but just what can you do with the leftovers and still make a delicious and comforting snack or meal?

The Italians call it Arancini or Fried Rice Balls , they are every bit as delicious as they sound. Here is my take on Risotto Balls with a touch of cheese ... enjoy!


Preparing & Cooking time - 45mins
Serves : 3-4
500gr ready made Risotto (chilled)
2 Extra Large Eggs
400 - 500gr Bread Crumbs
300gr Corn Flour
200gr White Cheddar cut into small blocks

To make the balls:
Take approximately 1Tbsp of the risotto , place a cheese square in the centre and take a 2nd Tbsp risotto place on top and mould this with your hands into a ball , repeat until you have used all the risotto and cheese blocks.
For the coating:
Beat the eggs in a bowl and add a smidgen of water and set aside.
Place the corn flour into another bowl and set aside.
Place the breadcrumbs into another bowl and set aside.

Take a risotto ball and roll it into the corn flour first , then into the egg wash and lastly into the breadcrumbs , set this on a tray and repeat until all the risotto balls are covered.
Place the coated risotto balls into the fridge for at least an hour , after an hour remove these and deep fry until golden brown.
Eat immediately so that you get to enjoy the delicious and oozy cheese in the centre, it's yummy and addictive #you have been warned.

Serve either with a Sweet Chilli sauce or my personal favourite, a homemade Tomato Sauce (which I use as a pasta sauce)

Cooks note-
I love to freeze left over Risotto and use it to make these delicious treats it is also a great idea to make these for kids when serving a risotto dinner ... They love them!

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