I have decided to start a new feature series called FRAGRANCE FRIDAY , this series will feature fragrances both new and old highlighting the notes that make them special and unique.

Whilst it will not be a review 'type' post unless I have actually or do actually wear the scent it will showcase the fabulous variety of fragrances available and goodness there are a lot.

So to start of today's feature I decided to share GUCCI PREMIERE a fragrance that I have not personally tried myself but that definitely features on my wishlist , let me know if you would like me to feature any of your favourites in the comments section.

Launched in 2012 this fragrance is an ode to Hollywood , it features old school glamour with modern day sophistication.

Cleverly fronted by modern day icon Blake Lively this perfume promises to be as timeless as some of the best know Hollywood greats.

Prestige VP Alan Ginsberg stated ...
"This is all about Hollywood glamour, the red carpet, making heads turn, flashes going off, paparazzi”
The bottle is simple and elegant and features a stamp reminiscent of the actual label which adorns a Gucci Premiere gown whilst on the neck of the bottle is the brand’s signature Gucci horse bit. The bottle carries the same gold and rather 'weighty' look of an Academy Award which is ensconced in the prettiest liquid gold with a translucent glow should you hold it up to the light.

Inspiration behind the fragrance?
Timeless Hollywood glamour and an invitation to embrace one’s own red carpet moment.

Did You Know?
All fragrances are comprised of three notes: TOP , MIDDLE , BASE according to the rate of evapouration of the essential oils , this also offers the user a unique and ever changing scentsual experience.

Top Notes: bergamot and orange blossom
Middle Notes: white flowers and musk
Base Notes: leather and wood

So if you fancy yourself a sophisticated red carpet moment why not spoil yourself with this bottle of loveliness , it sounds amazing.

For fragrance purchases I recommend :
Stuttafords , Edgars Red Square , Sassy Factory Shop and The Fragrance Boutique

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