Rooibos or 'Red Bush' is a variety of tea which is endemic to South Africa , this unique 'red bush' tea has a wealth of natural benefits that can boost your health , enhance your body and heal from the inside out.

Many have tried to grow this tea in other countries but few if any have succeeded , my belief is that a plant grow in a particular reign so as to gave us the best quality plant and ingredients through the plants ideal habitat, this n turn encourages a thriving and healthy resource.
Fair Cape Diaries have harnessed the goodness of Rooibos , combined it with yoghurt with active 'live cultures' to give your body the following benefits :

- helps to fight free radicals which contribute to heart disease and cancer
- helps decrease cholesterol
- helps protect the liver
- maintains healthy bones & teeth
- soothes stomach crams and colic in infants
- enhances the metabolism
- supports healthy skin and eases numerous skin diseases

Best of all this little bush has proven in research and tests that it is a Cancer fighter and it proudly bears the CANSA Smart Choice Seal.

Dr. Carl Albrecht explains: ' CANSA research has found that Rooibos raised the ratio of reduced glutathione to oxidized glutathione by 100% in humans who consumed more than 6 cups a day over a period of 3 months. This leads to the understanding that Rooibos can help prevent Cancer.'

Fair Cape's fabulous little shots (bottles) thus give the exact amount you need for your daily dose In one easy to drink 100ml shot making it convenient , useful and Cancer fighting.

Did you know?
There are 6 cups worth of Rooibos tea in every shot!
I personally like to drink mine first thing in the morning before I head out into the traffic and find it keeps my body going until I can have breakfast when I get to the office.

Find these gulp sized treats at selected supermarkets , they come standard in a pack of 4.

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Have you had your 6 cups today?

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