Over the last month or so I have had a super stressful time with both my dad and gran having heart attacks and being in the heart hospital. Add to that my mom having a hip replacement and my cat recovering from a broken pelvis ... And it has been rather taxing.

The other day I spotted the Sh'Zen Destress Mist on Twitter ... 
Goodness even in the bottle it looked soothing and calming and I could not help but commenting on the product.
The team at Sh'Zen kindly sent me a bottle (without even knowing what my month had looked like) ... thank you Sh'Zen you have no idea what a lifesaver it is!

So let's take a look shall we ...
So here is what I thought ....

Packaging - 
The packaging is a practical and pretty transparent plastic bottle with the most beautiful blue liquid inside. It comes with a white plastic spritz top which sprays a lovely fine mist.

Fragrance - 
Sh'Zen products are rich in plant essences and essential oils and it is very much evident. As you spritz this delightful mist your sense are assuaged by a blissful symphony of essential oils which give the experience of warmth , spices and exotic holidays ... it is a pure delight!

What you might like to know ...
Melissa essential oil -  encourages a gentle spiritual energy in the psyche, and brings release from tension and sorrow 
Rose Geranium - assists in balancing mental exhaustion, and refreshing 
Lemongrass - immediately restores a zest for life

Efficacy -
It is a unique concept to some to spritz a room and sit in the heavenly fragrance to relax , but let me assure you ... your senses are stimulated as you breathe in the essential oils ... this in turn triggers an emotional response to calm and soothe frazzled nerves which in turn stimulates a physical response ... in this case the muscles physically relaxing.

How to use it ...
Spritz it liberally in your bedroom, your office or wherever you need a burst of energy and a release from stress and anxiety.

This is an 'aaahhhh' inducing must have for in your office and/or hand bag ... after enough use your body will respond to the fragrance automatically long before all the physical and emotional responses kick in. I call it 'emotional therapy'.

Retails for R149.00 - 50ml
For more info: www.shzen.co.za

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