I love fragrances it's no secret and many of them I can recogonise from a whiff ... it's true! 
For instance when I recently attended the Samsung For the Love of Food gala evening, I immediately recognised our humble Chef Reuben Riffel's FARENHEIT cologne, much to his surprise ...tee hee!

Do I have a shelf full of expensive fragrances ...nope! I am on a budget just like most of you and whilst I live in the vain hope of oneday being invited to a fabulous fragrance launch of the 'upper echlon' brands, the reality is that I need to look at other alternatives and Avon have never let me down!

Here is a lovely find that is sensual , dramatic and perfect for winter ....

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
Both the box and the bottle of this fragrance are just as intriguing and sultry as the fragrance itself with a look hinting at the East ... to me almost Moroccan inspired. I love juxtaposition of the gold against the deep blue and this is a fragrance I would proudly display in my bathroom.

Fragrance - 
The facets of this fragrance are sweet, floral and slightly fruity. It is not a light scent but rather a deep, warm and enchanting fragrance that lingers on the skin. I personally think that this fragrance would make a great alternative to a 'Floriental' type fragrance such as Opium.
I am loving wearing this as a winter fragrance, it leaves me feeling cosy and snuggled in it's warm Sandalwood undertones.

Top Note - Sparkling White Peach
Middle Note - Elegant Rose Peony
Base Note - Sensual Sandalwood

Longevity -
As I mentioned above, this fragrance is quite bold at first and afterwards it softens (but does not fade) yet still lingers all day.
Its' an Eau De Toilette, but has the longevity of an Eau de Parfum. I get an all day wear out of 3 spritzs on my body first thing in the morning.

Retails R320.00 

I must say I did have a giggle quite recently when one of my bff's asked me 'what perfume are you wearing?' and it was Mermerize. When I said it was an AVON fragrance she said 'wow, they have some lovely fragrances'.
You see the previous time she saw me I said the same thing, except I was wearing LUCK by AVON and she was just as blown away ... AVON you rock!

For more info visit : www.avon.co.za

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