Acne may be a skin condition, however it has debilitating and adverse effects on the psyche of many men and women often resulting a lower self esteem , self confidence break downs and so much more. Once you understand the mechanics of the skin and what you as a person can do to improve your appearance by good skin care choices, you will soon be able to take back your power!

What you may not be aware of is that there are genetic links in human DNA that may affect and/or predetermine your personal disposition to developing this skin disorder.

In fact , it has been quoted as the following:
'Genetics determine how your body’s immune system responds to bacteria; one person may have only blackheads while another gets explosive red and tender nodules. Genetics also play a role in how easily your pores become plugged. For example, you may have inherited the ability to overproduce dead skin cells, and then shed them in a way that clogs your pores.' -proactiv

Today Sonette Donker from SKIN ID share a few useful tips on Acne and genetics below:

The following happens in an Acne skin:
1.        Produce thicker, stickier sebum (oil) than a normal skin due to excess  male hormone, testosterone. 
2.        An Acne skin produces 5 times more skin cells, but contains less Lamellar Granules which secretes enzymes to loosen the skin cells for desquamation. This condition is called Retention Hyper Keratosis (holding onto too many skin cells).
3.        With the above mentioned the follicle opening (pore) is closed off (blackhead formation) and with the lack of oxygen present the Propioni Bacterium (P-Acne) becomes active digesting certain parts of the sebum, leading to irritation and inflammation, this is now a pustule (pussy pimple).
4.        Every follicle should contain a hair to wick out the oil and dead skin cells. However in a Acne skin this is not always the case, sometimes there is no follicle in which case we call that a sebaceous follicle, or other times the follicle contains a very weak hair which cannot perform this function.

When struggling with Acne it is always advisable to consult a skin care professional on how best to care for your unique skin care concerns, after all no two skins are ever the same even when it comes to acne.

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