My nails have really been through the wars of late , this has left them peeling , flakey and thin. The slightest touch causes them to break and chip it's soul destroying.

Now you already know that I have an obsession with hand creams and when I received this press drop of goodies and saw a hand and body lotion included called 'Happy Days' how could I not respond with a reciprocal squeal of pure glee.

Happy Days Hand & Body Lotion:
Packaging -
A practical white pump (200ml) with the cutest vintage label which incites a response of happiness just looking at it.

Fragrance - 
This is the most delightful smell of fruit , candy and flowers all rolled into one. Initially it is quite sweet and then softens to more of a sparkling botanical type smell.
This product has definite fragrance and is not for those who like 'unscented' or bland hand creams.

Texture -
The texture is that of a rich milk , which disappears into the skin leaving it feeling soft and hydrated without a trace of oiliness.

Efficacy -
The HAPPY DAYS hand and body lotion is a lovely treat for those who enjoy a multi-tasking lotion for both hands and body. It truly does leave the skin soft and hydrated and there is no need to wear a fragrance if you are not going anywhere special.

This little pump now has a permanent place on my desk and one thing I can tell you is that it will not be 'Happy Days' when it is finished.

Crisnail Nail Force Strengthener :
Texture - 
Is a thin cnsistency which glides over the nail plate giving it a treatment coat but also an ideal basecoat for the perfect polish.

Brush -
The brush is a little too thick for my personal preference as I have quite thinly shaped and rather elongated nail beds, however if you have  larger nails you will enjoy the ease and convenience of this nail polish applicator.

Efficacy - 
I have found after using this product for three weeks under my nail polish that my nails are obviously far less stained, but far more importantly they are physically thicker (very visible) and harder. The peeling has slowed down considerably but has not been eliminated completely.

I am trusting that after another 3 weeks that I will hope fully be rid of the nasty peeling of my nails.

Crisnail Nail Lacquer:
This nail polish applies in a lovely glossy coat , it smooths over the nail plate beautifully and has a high sheen.

The colour I tested is called Brazilian Purple , I found it to be a great alternative as a winter colour and quite versatile when switching between red and pink clothing.

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