Freeman's are an American drugstore brand that manufactures affordable beauty products . Here in South Africa they are readily available in Dis-Chem pharmacies.

What I particularly love about this brand is there are a variety of scrubs and masks for the face, many of these often come in the form of a sachet which provide anything from 2-4 applications.

A friend and I recently came across a new little treasure which intrigued us , a new sachet I had never seen before and what do you know ... we just couldn't resist so we bagged a few to take home.

Let's take a look at this fabulously easy to use and affordable mask that leaves your skin calm , soft and soothed overnight.

So here is what I thought ....

Packaging -
Is a super cute and rather nifty little sachet , but not the most practical considering there are 3 - 4 applications per sachet and it is unable to be resealed.

Fragrance -
This smells like freshly cut Honeydew Melons, we also know them in South Africa as Winter Melons (the ones with green flesh).

It is sweet, with a slightly herbal and floral smell. The fragrance does however soften after being on the skin for a while. It truly is a burst of fresh fruit which tickles the senses.

Texture -
The texture is that of a medium weight cream , it soaks into the skin and leaves a slight film behind. The mask is neither greasy nor uncomfortable, but rather quite pleasant and soft.

In the morning when awoke the mask had completely absorbed into my skin , leaving it looking calm and refreshed. The most amazing thing is that I did not get one single pimple from this mask ... amazing!

Efficacy -
Whilst this may not be the most deeply penetrating or super active mask , it sure is calming and hydrating ... which is all it actually promises to be and do on the packaging.

I personally love it for those evenings where you feel like a small pamper, but can't be bothered to do the whole cleanse , rinse , mask , rinse and moisturise routine.

It retails at Dis-Chem for approximately R16 - R18 per sachet (an absolute steal)

What you might like to know :
- It is rich in anti-oxidants
- Contains soothing Camomile
- Contains moisturising Coconut Oil , Shea Butter , Jojoba Oil , Safflower Seed Oil & Cucumber Extract
- It contains NO PARABENS

Next time you're at your local Dis-Chem grab a sachet or two you won't be sorry!

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