Oh Filorga, how do I love thee let me count the ways ...

1 - Time Filler Mat Day Cream
2 - Time Filler Eyes
3 - Filorga Skin Structure
4 - Perfect + Serum

... and yes I could just go on and on for hours, about what I personally consider to be one of the most effective cosmeceutical skin care brands in my books.

Usually I use Filorga's Time Filler range on my skin, a product which my skin absolutely adores and then one day by happen stance I saw the Skin Perfusion range. I must be honest and say that after a little stalking online I soon found I was itching to get my hands on and try some of this range.

Low and behold, the next thing I knew the Filorga fairies sent me a little gift .....tadah!
So here is what I thought ...
Packaging -
The packaging is an ultra sleek and elegant white acrylic square shaped pot. It has a sophisticated contemporary look to it.
I must say it would not be the most practical for frequent flyers or long distance travelling but on the bathroom shelf it definitely makes a statement.
Fragrance -
If you have read any of my previous posts you will be familiar with the fact that the Time Filler range has a slight lemony scent to it , however the Skin Perfusion does not share this fragrance but rather has a slightly 'malty' smell to it.
The fragrance is neither over powering or noticeable once on the skin. 
Texture -
The texture is once again a slightly off-white cream gel , a little goes a long way so avoid the temptation to be overly generous.
I love the texture of this product with my combination skin as it disappears into the skin , leaving the skin soft , moist and comfortable without any residue or shine
Efficacy -
Whilst I am really enjoying this product and it is truly superb at hydrating the skin , controlling the oil and minimising the pores ... I do have to say that I still prefer my good old trusted Time-Filler Mat.
No matter product you use from Filorga you can't really go wrong it's all a matter of personal preference and ultimately how your skin responds to the unique ingredients contained within.
For more info on stockists visit : www.filorga.co.za 
Filorga is also available at selected Edgars and Edgars Red Square Stores. 

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