I recently decided to investigate and do a few online shopping hauls , not only try out the service of local online stores such as Spree and Zando but also to get a few new products I have been dying to try.

Whilst I am not one of the bloggers that are supported by Essie I have long been a fan since the day when they were a salon only brand. Essie has undergone many changes and are now a retail brand available in selected stores, they also fall under the umbrella of the Estee Lauder group of companies in South Africa.

I follow many of the beauty bloggers that are supported by Essie. When I recently caught a glimpse of the latest collection there were a few colours I just had to have ...

However the ' budget reigns' and I only indulged in my 'number one' polish on my wish list (as for the others 'I am coming to get you!').

So let's get into it then ...
So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
As a consumer and a therapist I love, love, love the square bottle (easy to hold , easy to store). I find the fact that 'Essie' name is part of the moulding of the bottle ... it's ingenious. I mean let's face it , you'll always know which brand it is even when the printing wears off.

Texture -
Is a medium viscosity , it gives good cover with one application but not enough to forego the second coat for a seamless and flawless finish.

I find this polish easy to work with and there is no need for continual dipping in the pot as the polish deposit on the brush is sufficient to cover my entire nails surface area.

Brush -
This brush is actually quite a narrow and thin brush in nail polish terms , it is slightly rounded when you apply pressure giving the right shape for around the cuticle area. Ladies with larger nail beds may need to give a few strokes in order to cover the entire nail.

I however have long thin nail beds and find this brush shape ideal.

Efficacy -
This colour is what I would call a 'greige' a mixture of grey and beige with maybe the slightest tough of lavender.

Personally I love this colour as a winter neutral especially as my lily white skin starts to emerge around mid-winter.

LAZY NAILS - I found that with an application of two coats of colour alone, I got 1 - 2 days wear before chipping and tip wear.
SALON NAILS - I found when I included a top coat and base coat I could get 2-4 days wear before any noticeable tip wear appeared.

For me these results are pretty standard along upper end nail polishes , however I must mention that there is no staining or damage to the nails whatsoever when I used this Essie polish ...yes!

I will definitely spoil myself with a few more in the future.

For more info visit www.essie.co.za
To shop online visit www.zando.co.za

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