I was truly blessed this Christmas with some fabulous beauty goodies and so today I want to share a review of LUSH's Sunny Side Bubble Bar ...

If you have read my previous review on the LUSH Candy Mountain Bubble Bar , you will know that I am a shower person and not a bath person (fear not though) as I have mastered the use of the proverbial bubble bar in the shower and I manage to get between 3 - 5 showers from each bar ...faahbulous!

#Review - Lush Sunny Side Bubble Bar ...
This is a fabulous GOLD , yes GOLD! Bubble Bar with the most amazing little flakes of gold that drift off and cover you as you open the packet and pick it up. This is a real Princess bubble bar!

Fragrance - 
It has a citrusy fragrance which is created by the sweet orange/tangerine and lemon oils in this bar. It is a fabulous 'pick me up' type bubble bar and leaves you feeling happy with clouds of citrus orchards surrounding you.

Texture -
As with all bubble bars , it is chunky and coarse, having been designed for use in a bath. I however use it almost as a soap bar , it stays firm as long as you do not hold it under water for long periods of time , rather just swirl and lather over your body and rinse under the shower.

Efficacy -
I find it to be a fabulous and uplifting bubble bar for the morning, as with all the LUSH Bubble Bars this is a definite must try! Even cuter is that it leaves a little gold shimmer on the skin.

Packaging - 
These little luxuries come in the notorious recycled yellow paper packets with a descriptive label, practical and Eco friendly.

Go on , spoil yourself and feel like a Princess for the day.

 x x x H
( special thanks to Hayley , I loved my bubble bar as you can see )