Lashes, lashes where are you? Yes, folks mine are all but invisible and so thin that they make lash building a whole new art form ... it's true!

So it makes sense then that I am on an eternal quest to find the ultimate "lash building" mascara, one that will not only give me visible lashes but also be visible to all those around me. If you are a woman you will know how hard this feat it no matter how well versed you are in the application of mascara.

So what exactly is it that I look for in a mascara?

Well, my personal requirements are:
- flexibility (I hate a clumpy mascara which sheds all day)
- solid colour deposit ( black must be black people)
- buildability (I need to create them lashes because mine are fine and blonde)
- wearability (it needs to last all day and at least be smudge proof)

Let's take a look ...

 Avon Ultra Volume Lash Magnify Mascara - Review

So the lovely peeps at Avon sent me this mascara as a gift and it had me intrigued, so much so I abandoned another mascara already in use (not a favourite, but that's for another post) in order to try it out.

It looks impressive I thought ... so let's hope it delivers!
The packaging is pretty much the standard broad tube currently trending, but with its black veneer and rather lush gold print, it does offer an air of importance and elegance ... something about a little black number ... right?

The applicator is rather large for me non-existent lashes and it takes some clever aiming and great concentration to avoid smearing my upper eyelid with mascara. As with all mascara's after a day or two I acclimatised to the wand and it was much better.

The mascara requires multiple layers in order to build and achieve that false lash look. What does impress me is:
- the amazing colour deposit
- the fact that the lashes remain separate
- it does not clump

In conclusion:

All in all, Avon Ultra Volume Lash Magnify is an affordable mascara with great buildability and coverage I would definitely repurchase this baby. Even better is the fact that it is the first Avon mascara to not burn my eyes ... yasss!
Retails for R149.90

Could we have a waterproof option too please Avon?
And if that wasn't enough, browse the latest brochure with its seductive pages of fragrances (yes they are beautifully displayed) and go spoil yourself for goodness sakes!


Here's what's on my wishlist ...