It sad to think that we have finally succumbed to a digital era where even feelings are filtered through the cyberweb. The old-fashioned heart pumping sweaty-palmed days are fast becoming emotions of a bygone era.

These days people hide behind the safety of a computer screen, laughing, sharing info and images about themselves, without ever actually having any form of physical introduction for months ... if not years. Is it even real? Sadly, no - often people are fed artifice. Stories and fantasies that have been made up by the person on the other end of a keyboard.

The reality is that they may, in fact, be talking to someone older or younger, more or less attractive, real or not real, a serial killer, a paedophile or simply just an innocent loner - BUT you will never truly know!


Now don't get me wrong, I am not admonishing the use of dating sites. As with most things they are in fact a necessary evil connecting people who are otherwise very lonely. But, keep it real and honest and don't lose yourself in a fantasy or fairy-tale which may, in fact, be nothing more than the fiction of another loner's imagination.

I myself at one point tried the various dating sites such as a Christian dating site, Tinder, online dating and well it just never gelled me. I found that I seemed to only attract weirdo's and blame it on my curvy figure and old-fashioned view of life (which I am not trading in for anyone by the way), and so I decided unequivocally to delete my profiles and live a life of the "solo-journey" until I meet "the one" in person - less trauma and emotional hurt.

I see all day every day the sad state of affairs of our emotional wellbeing thanks to the digital era, and being in social media it is very hard to escape the lies, untruths and blatant misinformation.


I find myself wanting to say "I just don't know?", but I refuse to give up the hope and the dream of someday meeting my "Mr Wonderful" - no, not the fairytale, the man who is a gentleman, the man who is what he says he is! The one who loves me by respecting me, being honest and sharing every aspect of life ... yes, even the flipping dishes!

Being in your forties and single is not for the faint-hearted but at least I know what I want, who I am and I am not prepared to comprise - no matter how much loneliness comes knocking!