Chocolate has evolved to somewhat of a connoisseurs art, it no longer is simply just those regular mass produced " candy bars", but rather encompasses the artisanal.

I recently got to venture through Franschoek where I stumbled upon a tucked away gem called SCOOP and De Villiers Chocolate Cafe.

Background on De Villiers Chocolate

Africa produces more than 70% of the world’s cocoa beans but makes less than 1% of the world’s chocolate. With most of this 1% being low quality milk chocolate, we are one of only a handful of chocolate companies producing high premium, quality artisan chocolate on the continent.

We were the first ‘Bean to Bar’ artisanal chocolate maker in South Africa and amongst only a few in the world. Most of the chocolate currently available on the market is mass produced by large international companies. Produced from cocoa mass or liquor and treated as a commodity, there is no acknowledgement of the farmer or chocolate maker in the process. We make our chocolate from carefully sourced cocoa beans where the chocolate reflects the personality and passion of the maker.

All of our cocoa beans are traceable to farm level and are free from any people exploitation. Our African Collection, Sweet Hand Crafted Collection and enrobed fruit are UTZ certified, meaning that we support sustainable cocoa farming where farmers implement practices with respect for people and planet. 
For more info explore the De Villiers Chocolate Website

De Villiers has a selection of handcrafted artisanal chocolates which you can choose from and make up your own personal selection box, and let me tell you the choice is rather overwhelming. Box prices range as follows:

5 chocolates @R59
9 chocolates @R87
15 chocolates @126

So, of course, I had to take advantage of the opportunity and taste some to give you feedback (yeah right, as if .... tee hee).

Chocolate heaven uncovered

I choose the 5 chocolate assortment box with the honey, strawberry, raspberry, coconut and chilli chocolates. Here is my review ...

Appearance: yellow speckled
Taste: A rich dark chocolate with a honey filling and a hazelnut in the centre.

Appearance: Milk chocolate heart with pink brush strokes
Taste: Milk chocolate with a soft strawberry fondant type filling which is naturally slightly tarte

Appearance: A dark chocolate square with dried raspberry sprinkles
Taste: A dark chocolate paired with a tart rapberry mousse filling, becareful of the rapberry seeds

Appearance: A blonde moulded chocolate
Taste: A creamy blonde chocolate with a tender creamy coconut centre

(sorry for the dark chocolate from the knife ... my bad ... tee hee)

Last but definitely not least is the host stuff!

Appearance: A dark chocolate square with a fine sprinkle of chilli
Taste: A dark chocolate square with a soft dark chocolate centre with a chilli after-bite

I have to be honest and say that I enjoyed each and every one of the chocolates, what I love is that the chocolate is neither too bitter nor too sweet.

De Villiers chocolates also have the cafe and ice cream bar called SCOOP in the same premises but I will cover these in a different post.

This is not a sponsored post.