Life is totally unpredictable it shifts and sways in so many unexpected ways and yet somehow I manage to remain standing ... albeit a little battered and frayed.

If I have learned one thing in the past three weeks, it is that hurts can be healed, hearts can be restored and exhaustion can be all consuming! You see I have had my parents in the hospital at the same time for the past two and a half weeks.

It has been a journey of rushing to and fro between hospital floors to take them to see each other, getting them drinks, snacks, looking after cats, doing their washing and even forcing them to do their rehab. Now, don't get me wrong I absolutely adore my parents and while the journey is not yet over ...  if I had to, I would do it for them again in a heartbeat.

The amazing thing is I have seen that even though they bicker, disagree and get grumpy with each other, they truly are inseparable and they love each other (in a truly strange way) and it is so nice to see after all this time.

Love lost, love gained and love found ...

I have spent the past year reflecting on my life. With what would have been my 10th wedding anniversary approached,  I was pondering on whether I will ever be able to love and trust again. Whether I could let someone into my heart and space again after being on my own for nearly 8 years?

What often keeps me going and grounded is a dream I had during the course this year. I had the most amazing dream and vision from God, a promise if you will of hope, of future love ... one so real I could actually smell the man of my dreams. No no, settle down ladies, I am not in a relationship nor am I ready to declare my undying love just yet. I did, however, have a friend visit from overseas and he has truly helped stir emotions on some levels, and is blissfully ignorant of others he healed...weird, I know right?

Well, with this recent visit from my friend I realised there are still gentlemen (they are just hard to find), there are still guys who treat a woman with respect and spoil them ... even when there is nothing other than friendship in the mix. But, most of all I realised with the right person and a lot of patience (from his side) I would adjust and maybe even enjoy having a significant other at some point again.

I find it amazing that there is no recipe for life, no hard and fast rules! Life, love and everything in between is all a series of decisions and results influenced by our own personal choices. All I can say is I am looking forward to 2018 and cheers, too wise choices, good men and great adventures!