So I have a secret addiction ... okay, maybe not so secret! What is it? Well the love of quaint restaurants, fine dining and exploring. What you don't know is that I have a "little something something" that tickles the spot every time.

Hmmm got you intrigued right?

Settle down now kids it's completely legal and it offers the best affordable deals throughout the Cape Peninsula. Yes, folks, I am talking about The Entertainer App. 

" I have had The Entertainer App for the last 3 years and honestly, it is the best value app for someone who enjoys anything from tea and cake to cocktails and canapes ... ok, maybe tapas (not canapes)."

Convenience at your fingertips with The Entertainer App

The Entertainer App is as easy as pay, download, install, enter your unique code to activate! That is it! The app is currently on an "Early Bird" offer at R395.00 ... that's R100 bucks off, plus you get the added extra of the Cheers app and More Africa (for a limited time, t&c's).

So what does this app offer you?

- Enjoy over 2,350 Buy One Get One Free & Discount offers
- Offers on: Casual Dining, Cafes, Modern & Contemporary Dining, wineries, Beauty & Fitness, Attractions & Leisure, Fashion & Retail, Everyday Services

And for me, it includes over 1,100 outlets across Cape Town ... booyah!

But don't be fooled it's for you too! You can purchase the app for any region in South Africa and the app's "geolocate" function, means that it will source restaurants, beauty, hotels and more ... all in the vicinity around you!

I got to attend the launch of this year's app and once again and I simply cannot rave enough but how amazing this app is. The savings are fabulous, you get to experience new and fun places and this year topping my list is a few weekends away and maybe a pamper or two.

Categories include:

- Food & Drink
- Beauty & Fitness
- Attractions & Leisure
- Retail & Services
- Hotels Worldwide

Here is just one of the restaurants I visited in the past year

 ... not to mention those yet to come!

Go on spoil yourself, you'll be grateful for all of 2018.

** Disclaimer 2