For the past three years, there has been a buzzing little festival in the heart of Woodstock, it captures both the tastebuds and tummies of many a Cape Town foodie. I am talking about the Cape Town Visa Street Food Festival.

While I had often seen the ads for the event and always had it on my to do "bucket list" I never quite got there ... until this year that is!

Cape Town Street Food Festival Shenanigans

So whats on offer. So how does it all work? And what will I see?

Info central:
VENUE: Side Street Studios, 48 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town.
COST: Approx R50 (Saturday market), R100 (Sunday market), R1 300 (conference)
WHEN: Usually the first weekend in September

There tends to be a truly festive flair that vibrates between the buildings hosting the Streetfood Festival and the precinct is rich in art and creative flair. While wandering around you will see the most amazing street art murals, sculptures and cosy lighting, and as the sun sets it truly does set the tone for this culinary extravaganza.

So who are the vendors?

Take your pick from the food trucks to "local is lekker" home crafted (tuisnywerhede) treats, not to mention a selection of hand-picked and curated gourmet pop-up stalls at this tasty annual event.

The Cape Town Visa Street Food Festival is an event not to be missed, with Side Street Studios being the host and creating a cordoned off area that is both relaxing and intimate for this ever-popular market. The carnival-type strung up lighting, quaint nooks and crannies surrounding the food trucks make for a chance to stop nibble, chat and then move on to the next gastronomical treat. I love that the market is a cash-free zone, make it safe both for guests and vendors alike and definitely discouraging the "crime factor" usually present at these type of events ... what a great idea!

I personally tried and tested the below, however, I would have loved to try far more had my stomach and purse allowed for it!


The pulled pork Jaffle (above)
The Halloumi Fries

These were and are my favourite and Salty Flames is a definite must do!

The Wicked Waffle. These are possibly the lightest, fluffiest and most delicious waffles you will ever eat. I made the MISTAKE of sharing and boy oh boy did I regret it! Indulge ... you have my permission to be a little piggy!

NOB BURGERS - No Ordinary Burger

Reputed to have the best burgers around I am seriously bummed I did not get to try NOB Burgers. They were very clever and displayed sample meals beautifully to entice and tempt passers-by.

Another fabulous eatery I just did not get to sample, more here Boulevard 82

If you enjoy a flatbread, you'll want to try these Stack That Hungarian flatbreads with the most delicious fillings.


Eeeeep look at that ball of Candy Floss ...nom nom nom!

Guys, I forgot to take a pic of my fabulous pineapple and Vin Coco cocktail in a jar, it was absolutely delish! Sawwwy!

 All these home-cooked meals were prepared by some of South Africa’s best street-food vendors and were not only fresh but super tasty too.

So if there is one thing you do this coming year, mark this off in your diaries for the first week in September 2018 ... you'll be super glad you did!