Pets are for the most part like children in a family. Why then are we happy to just shove any old bowl of food in front of them ... no matter the long-term implications.

Our pets deserve the best just like our children, especially if you want to have them around for a long time.

HILL'S PRESCRIPTION for mature feline's

Unlike us, kitties can't take supplements themselves and therefore their kibble is super important for good health and longevity. Now there is a kibble that not only gives your mature cat optimum nutrition but protects both their joints and kidneys too! So yes, my kitties are "spoilt" and are now joining the ranks of #HillsGoldenOldies
As kitties age their bodies process proteins differently, this affects their kidneys as they age, there is also a marked decline in their appetites and their joints start to age. HILLS PRESCRIPTION DIET K/D +MOBILITY  is the ultimate and ideal food for mature kitties. Hill's recently put my kitties to the taste test (well, actually Mischka (9) but there is no way to exclude my little Tiger (6) boy) ... so it was a feast for all!

Is your cat +7 years?

Is your pet is 7 yrs+? It’s time for a senior health check & change of diet. #HillsGoldenOldies

What did my kitties think?

They love love loved the kibbles. In fact, I was super impressed at how quickly they adapted.

The kibble itself is thin, flat and disk-like as opposed to the usual pellet or thicker round. This not only makes it easy to crunch through, but I am sure will help them as they get older. The kibble is super tasty and highly palatable (no I didn't taste it!) if they are anything to go by.

The HILLS PRESCRIPTION DIET K/D +MOBILITY is a huge success with my cats and if it can make their lives longer, happier and prevent illness I'm all for it!
This month is Pet Obesity Month and you need to make sure your babies are not obese, we often think they are cuddly but in fact, they are overweight. This can significantly shorten their lifespan. 

Hills has you covered ...
"We know you don’t think your pet is overweight, in fact, 9 out 10 pet parents of overweight pets don’t think so either. Vets across SA and Namibia are offering FREE weight checks this #PetObesityMonth so that you can know for sure!"

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