So as you know I have somewhat of an obsession when it comes to cleanliness and this extends to the mouth area too! Having been a skin care therapist all my life, I obsessed over nothing more than a minty fresh breath when dealing with clients for both myself and my staff.

Have you ever smelled stale alcohol or garlic .... blegh!

This month is ORAL HEALTH MONTH and my friends over at SUNSTAR GUM are here to help you stay fresh breathed and "FLOSS LIKE A BOSS".


So first up, did you know that there is more than just one floss when it comes to flossing your pearly whites?

In fact, there are so many options you might find yourself purchasing two just because you can. It's all about getting picky! (see what I did there ... tee hee)

As you can see above there is a tool to suit every set of chompers, gaps... no gaps ... big... small... you name it!


So in what we know as the more "traditional" looking flosses, Sunstar Gum have two options:
This one helps to remove both plaque and stains from between the teeth.

2. GUM EXPANDING FLOSS (I lurve this one)
This one is ideal if you have small gaps between your teeth, bleeding or receding gums. For me, my teeth are painfully close together so this is ideal.

Now, these little gadgets look like mini bottle brushes but man oh man do they work!


These are mini brushes specifically designed for normal teeth, crowns, bridges, implants, and orthodontics. Yep, in other words, both normal teeth and those under construction ... tee hee! They help to gently brush away debris, and I find them great to use after eating a meaty type of meal.

These come with a cap and are super handy to keep tucked in your purse - especially for when you escape on a quick bathroom break.


Okay so these babies are great for both adults and children despite its crazy appearance, they are soft and ideal for stimulating and massaging the gums. These should be a permanent fixture in any family's bathroom. These also come with a fabulous transparent holder making it easy to store and carry in your handbag.
Last but not least is an all time favourite ...

A flosser which has an easy to use handle and comes with a tensioned section of floss. It is the lazy person's flossing dream. No need to wrap your fingers. Just whip out one of these babies and floss to your heart's content ... literally no mess no fuss!

All of these floss products are available at your local Dischem or alternatively, you can view them and pricing over at IVOHEALTH.

Have a fresh breathed #FlossLikeABoss kinda day!