I remember in days gone by on the ships when they used to speak about "Mont Blanc and Cappucino" managers. These were the managers who thought they peed Eau de Cologne and who knows ... maybe they did! after all, Mont Blanc now makes fragrances ... tee hee!

Whilst I may not have been an elitist in those days I sure do have an appreciation for the fun, fabulous and rather flirty MONT BLANC LEGEND POUR FEMME.


To me, MONT BLANC LEGEND POUR FEMME speaks of understated feminine strength. It is soft, lasting and yet super confident. And, in a world of first impressions, this one promises to be a lasting impression for sure!

The fragrance itself has a fresh burst on the initial application and then softens to a warm musky undertone. The inspiration behind the fragrance is said to be the icons such as Grace Kelly, Greta Garbo, and Marlene Deitrich.

The fragrance is made up of the following notes:
Top note: bitter orange
Middle note: a floral heart of sweet jasmine and lily of the valley
Base note: a rich musk finish featuring a touch of warm vanilla

"I personally love wearing this fragrance on a day when I feel like I need a little kick in the butt. "

It makes me feel confident and sophisticated with just enough spunk to get me on my way. The bottle is in in the shape of the iconic Mont Blanc emblem and the fragrance the softest shade of warm pink. A great addition to any woman's collection.

I bought my fragrance on offer at Dischem as part of a 2-for-1 special however you can find these readily online at all your favourite online retailers.
- Always test a fragrance on the inside of your elbow where it is warm and will not be washed away. this will give you an indication of how the fragrance will wear.
- Never rub a fragrance as this destroys the essential oil molecules and not give you a proper indication of how it softens or lasts.

** This is not a sponsored post