As you all know by now REVLON is a staple in my make up cupboard, so when they launch something new is goes without saying I'm gonna be watching ya'll.

The latest to hit the Revlon SA fold is there new Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor, it's not a gloss ... it's not a lipstick .... but it's a whole lot of vanilla smelling lovely and it comes in 15 shades.

For those who don't know me, well I am a bit of a magpie, I love anything which is sparkly or shiny and when this landed on my desk accompanied by the most beautiful make up box(made by The Beauty Box) with crystal knobs ... it was a double swoon!

So enough lip flapping about the box, but a big THANK YOU! Revlon South Africa.


Let's talk lippies ...

So this fabulous new range of Ultra HD Gel Lipcolors from Revlon features 15 fabulous new shades and honestly if you can't find a colour you love ... well let's just say ... it's not possible.

From the softest nudes and neutrals to the boldest reds and purples, you can honestly just get lost in the creaminess and sleek shine of theses new lippies.

Colours include:
- HD Vineyard
- HD Twilight
- HD Tropical
- HD Sunset
- HD Lava
- HD Pink Cloud
- HD Rhubarb
- HD Sand
- HD Adobe
- HD Arabica
- HD Blossom
- HD Coral
- HD Dawn
- HD Desert
- HD Garden

Retails for R165.00

My Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor Adventure

I got to try the following five shades:
- HD Pink Cloud
- HD Blossom
- HD Tropical
- HD Desert
- HD Adobe
The colour deposit is great for a glossy application and lasts relatively well, although you will need to apply after eating. I was super impressed with the purple and surprised by how much it made my blue eyes pop. Would I have bought this colour on my own? ... Honestly, no! Would I buy this colour again? ... Honestly, yes! I got so many compliments that it just goes to show that sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone!

This is definite must for your shopping list and the fact that there are so many great nude shades made my day. I will definitely be investing in a few more colours as they are the ultimate mix of lipstick meets gloss ... love it! The fact that they come in a color coded sleek tube with a sculpted tip makes color identity and application super easy when on the run .... very clever!

What you need to know ...
These new generation lippies contain vibrant color pigments suspended in a clear gel base, giving you great colour definition and leaving your lips lovingly hydrated. What gives all this added hydration? Well, it's our good friend hyaluronic acid!

So now you can get a silkier, smoother pout which is not only extra kissable but moisturised all day long.

Revlon is available at selected retailers and pharmacies.

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