So I finally got to my much needed leave period only to be struck with my dad having a double stroke …eish! Not ideal, and I could quickly see any plans of my well plotted holiday going out of the window.

There was however one part of my holiday that I was unwilling to let go of … what is that you may ask? It was a well orchestrated and totally unscheduled day of meandering down the main road of the the little known Cape seaside village called Kalk Bay.

Renowned for being rather bohemian this seaside gem is a virtual treasure trove of quaint clothing stores, dusty antique shops and fabulous eateries. Come what may I was going to have my one day escape from reality … and that I did!

The Kalk Bay meander

The day started off with a cursory lie in (can I hear someone say holiday!) and then a friend and I met up. Armed with my camera we set off for our day of adventure. First up was to subdue the grumbling tummies and get in the first caffeine of the day … did I mention with are both coffee-aholics (the real stuff ya’ll).

The Court-Yard Café

As the name suggests this quaint little eatery is tucked away in a courtyard between an art gallery and curio shop. After walking up the stairs you are met with two options, you can either choose an upbeat and urban indoor café or alternatively sit under a reed roofed outdoor area with uninterrupted views spanning the bay.
As this was the start of the day we simply opted for a savoury cheese muffin and a cappuccino … oh yes, and my friend spotted the date balls (a South African tradition) and ordered a couple of those too.

A great way to start the day!

Gift shopping in Kalk Bay

Moving along we found a cute cluster of buildings housing three unique shops, here's a sneak peek ...

Shoreline have a great selection of clothing, jewellery, cushions, gifts and leather handbags

Mediterraneo offers unique clothing with natural fibres, made by supporting community upliftment projects and a selection to suit every taste

Cut out quotes and sayings in every colour. I must say I would have happily have bought two or three of these if the budget had allowed for it. Bokke and Blomme are great for statement pieces "excuse the pun"!

So after a bit of browsing, we set off again we found a cute bagel and coffee shop tucked away on a side street. Now this place truly is tiny and has vintage tricycle’s and bicycles mounted both inside and outside the shop.

Bob’s Bagel Café is situated off the park and offers custom roasted coffee beans and bagels with a filling to suit every type of hungry tummy.

As the day progressed we came across a very large gift shop which stole my friend's heart and a good few rands too … tee hee.

The KALK BAY ¼  store has everything from handmade ceramics, to jewellery, custom handmade clothing and shoes and a 2nd hand bookstore on the second level. THE KALK BAY ¼ is an overload for the senses, take your time and savour the treasures it's definitely not to be missed.

After our many purchases, the tummies were once again growling, and rather than do the sensible food options, we once again chose holiday fare and went for waffles.

We spotted the KALK BAY EXPRESS from across the road, it’s a restaurant set up in an antique train coach, situated on the Kalk Bay Station.

The waffles were delicious and gave us the energy to continue on our way.

For those who have never been to Kalk Bay, what you need to understand is that there are quaint alley ways and side streets at every turn and these hold untold treasure troves of art, antiques and nik naks. When it comes to Kalk Bay you need to take your time to breathe in the fresh sea air.

It takes time to make the "noise" stop, and be able to consume the picturesque mountains, the architecture and expend yourself on a personal treasures... all in the effort to remember your short time here.

Whilst I could go on for days about the wonders of Kalk Bay and the journey we made that day, I will save a few choice tidbits for another post or two ... I would hate to overwhelm you!

All I will say as I bid adieu, is that when you are in Cape Town make sure to schedule a day or even two's adventure in Kalk Bay.

P.S. Bring loads of spending money and a hungry tummy too!

** This is not a sponsored post