Girl gone wild? Who knows but if you love spicy, sexy and Italian setting well you're all set!

I have to be honest and say that with age and selective exposure to the crass and rather candid nature of the world at large I may have become somewhat of a prude .... shhh! It's okay the world will survive (whahahaha).

So despite my rather prudish sense of reading, I have decided to share with you what promises to be a side-splitting and candid book called MAD by Chloe Esposito. This is the first in a series of three so you won't want to miss out.

MAD is unleashed on the world

The trilogy is the penning of an author named Chloe Esposito and promises to be UNCENSORED, UNHINGED and UNFORGETTABLE. So hang onto to your brookies ladies and maybe grab a glass of wine, as you delve into what promises to be ride like never before. For those who don't feel safe going it alone ... you might want to rope in the gals and make it a book club must.

So enough teasing and tempting, here a tidbit to get you started.


Happy reading and remember this is a trilogy with loads of fun and adventure in store.

But don't believe what I say, here what the critics say:

Mad is the first in the sexy, shocking and compulsively readable Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know trilogy, and the beginning of a rollercoaster ride that those still alive at the end will never forget.

'Pure, unadulterated entertainment. There is nothing Chloe Esposito's Alvie won't do. Strap in for a fun, fast and fresh read ' - Ali Land, author of Sunday Times bestseller Good Me Bad Me

Available at all leading bookstores, published by Penguin Randomhouse Books.

**This is not a sponsored post