As a woman nothing makes me feel more like the confident woman I know I should be (but often deny) than luxurious and pretty underwear. Whilst I may not have the frame of a runway model ... who the hell cares if it makes me happy that is what counts!

Inner Secrets Lingerie in Cavendish recently celebrated a milestone birthday, as well as the launch of their new curated online store (which I had to miss because I was sick .... phfft!)

Lacey lovelies, sheer coverings, and the most feminine underwear sets are now available and you don't even need to the leave the comfort of your own boudoir! Goodness gals this could spell trouble with a capital "T" ya'll!

A brief history of lingerie

"Lingerie’s unique history traces back to 3000 BC in Egypt. Figurines throughout ancient times suggested different types of undergarments were worn even then. The word Lingerie originated from the French word “linge” meaning “linen” and was not frequently used until the late 1850’s. The soft linen’s during the Middle Ages were worn by nobility for the sheer purpose of modesty, hygiene, and warmth. At that time they were bulky, uncomfortable and designed to flatten breasts while contouring the body in a female silhouette. While in the 16th Century a chemise, petticoats, and corsets were designed to accentuate the female form, mainly to tease and entice men. It was considered scandalous in those days to even mention the word undergarments.

In the 18th century, the design became carefree and feminine. It was tailored with artwork, embroidery and various fabrics like silk, lace, and sheer linens all designed for elegance with intricate details. - ( read the full article on"

There is loads more info where that came from, so read a little further if you like. But if you are anything like me and a visual person ... hold your horses, because here comes temptation!
I know that I've seen a few items which I love and will be shopping them online soon. I must be honest and say the Cavendish parking scenario never excites me! However, fuss free shopping for pretty little intimates online ... hell's yes I'm in!

Now don't be shy or pretend you are not interested, hop on over to

Enjoy the freedom that comes with feeling like a sexy vixen under your clothes ladies!