As I sit here today I once again have a throat full of razor blades and sinuses which feel like the Suez canal. Now I know we all get sick from time to time and that with winter it is to be expected, but this is the third time in as many months dammit!

One never realizes the value of your health until it is compromised and I mean truly compromised. If there is one thing Fibromyalgia and having a Leaky Gut has taught me is that even when you feel healthy your body is still battling on a whole range of other levels. Again this is not unique, but normally your body is able to fend off a harmless virus, often unnoticed and life goes on.

This, however, does not happen for those of us with autoimmune disorders and diseases, every single little bug seems to penetrate through our defenses making us constantly sick. It is not as though I do not take supplements or that I eat unhealthily ... nope, I eat well-balanced meals and steer clear of sugar, wheat, and dairy as much as possible. I take handfuls of supplements which keep me going on a daily basis ... and still, these blasted bugs prevail ... phfft!

It's not just the Autoimmune disorder

So whilst I sit here and struggle I am met with the fact that yes my immune system is compromised, but my Leaky Gut plays a huge role in the health of my immune system. How does your gut affect your health you may ask?

The immune system gains its strength (or becomes weakened) through the health of the digestive system. Think of gut health as the main frame to your health. The healthy function of every system in our body begins with the health of the gut. It, therefore, stands to reason that if you have any of the following problems, you will struggle to stay healthy until it is corrected ...

- Leaky gut
- Irritable bowel syndrome
- Yeast/candida overgrowth
- Food sensitivities
- Malabsorption dysfunction(can result from a leaky gut)

These are just a few of the intestinal-related diagnoses that indicate imbalances in the digestive systemInflammation being the main driving factor, you can read more over at Skin Online for a better understanding. As I have explored my ill health, I have found Health Renewal and their doctors to be a wealth of information and crucial to my recovery. They have a holistic approach to health and practice what is known as functional medicine. In other words, they treat the root cause of your illness and not just the symptoms.

What's the plan moving forward?

Firstly avoid antibiotics at all cost this will only worsen the condition, I have been faithfully making bone broth and chugging down a gulp or two every morning and evening.

Bone broth is said replaces lost collagen and restores the permeated intestines, and honestly, it has been much better. I have had fewer flare ups and the pain has been manageable of late. I just wish we had Dr. Josh Axe's Bone Broth (shakes and original) here in South Africa. If you are in the USA ... run and get yours here Dr.

Here are two treatments which are on my wishlist at Health Renewal:
Medical Ozone IV -
Immune Booster IV -

I want to encourage you to listen to your body, if it doesn't look right, feel right or work correctly ... there is something wrong! Early diagnoses can prevent long-term illness and reverse the conditions more often than not!