This winter is proving to be cold, wet and dry ... nothing like our normal Cape Town winters. We are facing the worst drought of the century and to be honest, it is starting to become pretty scary!

However along with the cold, dry weather comes dry skin and all those unwanted bugs and viruses. This can leave your lips feeling dry and cracked, and the constant nose blowing will leave flakey red and rather unsightly nostrils.

The solution I have always turned to is Letibalm, a unique formula that helps to heal and repair te skin unlike any other! You can read all about the first time I came across this bran over here LETIBALM, the brand has since revamped a little and the lid on the pot is now blue as you will see.


So the lovely peeps over at #Letibalm sent me the most awesome cold & flu survival kit. Ivohealth teamed up with Sparrow Society to put this gorgeous purse together, with the Letibalm must-have winter essentials.

Let balm is specially formulated to treat and repair the nose, lips and the delicate skin in-between. I personally love the fluid and wish they would make a few tinted options. They would be my go-to lip product.

For those who prefer more of a "solid" type balm, they have got you covered too. The balm is also ideal I found for the nose area as it has more of a matte finish.
Both products are available at Dischem and visit the Sparrow Society webpage to support a community driven project.

I am sorted for winter, how about you? Time to get yours and pop it in your handbag, they are the ideal size!

Keep warm!