Nothing makes me smile more than watching those National Geographic shows where you see those brave little birds(or stupid depending on your perspective), munching away at those bits and pieces in either a hippo or crocodiles mouth.

But let's face it we are neither bird nor beast and anything stuck between your teeth is neither attractive nor socially acceptable. So, short of employing a Plover of your own what can you do to ensure fresh breath and a picture perfect smile?

Toothpicks and dental floss

Yep, folks, these are the hidden secrets to making your mouth smile friendly at all times. As children we get taught about brushing our teeth, flossing and the dental hygienist and then somehow it all seems to fall by the wayside ... call it laziness or whatever but the fact remains that your dental health can in fact seriously affect your overall health.

Every day and everywhere solutions

So the great news is that cleaning between the teeth can be a pretty personal thing, in fact, it is often driven by your mouths anatomy and what your gums can tolerate. But, did you know that there more options than simply just flossing?

1. Fancy flossing
I love that SUNSTAR GUM and IVO HEALTH have got a waxed dental floss with a whitening action. WHITE FLOSS forms part of the Original White range and is a great addition to those looking for a gleaming white grin. 

2. Soft Picks
These SUNSTAR GUM ADVANCED SOFT PICKS are ideal for those who have sensitive or bleeding gums. They are soft pliable plastic picks with a small "brush like" tip. These are great for gently cleaning between the teeth and come with a fabulous holder so that you can keep a few handy in your bag. They come in a card pack of 30 units and are a firm favourite for when dining out.

3. Flossing the easy way
SUNSTAR GUM EASY FLOSSERS are enriched with Flouride + Vitamin E and are possible the most fuss-free way to floss your teeth. They consist of a tensioned floss end and a sharp plastic end for additional cleaning between the teeth. I personally have been using these for more than a year now and I am absolutely hooked on them. They also come with a transparent plastic holder which carries 2 -3 units.

I have gotten so used to using interdentals now it is actually a habit, what I love most of all is that all of these are available at Dischem making it quick and easy to restock your stash. They don't cost an arm and a leg and best of all they are orthodontist quality products (not cheapies).

A growing body of research finds that bacteria and inflammation in your mouth are also linked to other problems, including heart attack and dementia, and may well jeopardize your overall health. - WebMD

So what are you waiting for, get yours at your local Dischem today. For other stockists visit

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