Every now and then I just stop sit and do a little window shopping. I know that the majority of us live our lives to a budget and the occasional splurge does come along ... but let's face it ... not often!

How amazing is it then that with our modern day lifestyles that we can consider a perk to be online shopping ... better yet, online window shopping! I find it so therapeutic ... maybe even a little cathartic to sit and just shop all the purchases my heart desires. I usually set a budget (albeit very unreal for my bank account) and then I shop to see what I would get for that according to my wishlist.

I have shared previously great launches on Zando as well as purchases on Spree, both favourite online platforms of mine. However, today's faux shopping splurge belongs all to Zando!

I decided to shop what I would consider being a comprehensive Winter Wardrobe for myself ... the proverbial "I'll Take It All" moment. So here it is ...

My Winter Wardrobe for under R10 000

So I wish I could say I shopped all on the same day or in some logical order, but no! This is my therapy and so my list is compiled when I need to just clear my head and feel free. No judgment now but I sure hope you like it ... I know I do!

First up, a few new scarves (I'm addicted to scarves ... just an FYI)
Next were the handbags
n.b. If you are a curvy gurl, handbags, shoes, and scarves are a great way to express yourself with fashion ... and best of all the sky is the limit!

So what's next you may ask? 

Shoes, jackets/ponchos and necklaces I am happy to say ...

I love how ponchos have once again become the trend this year, better yet they look great and hide a multitude of sins. Needless to say, I love the variety available on Zando ... just fabulous!

 I have always struggled to find boots that fit my calves and so from an early age I fell in love with loafers, mocassins and the ankle boot and once again there is just so much to choose from. I do however like to match my shoes and handbags  ... call it OCD but I do love it!

So my total wishlist came to a whopping R7986.00 but considering the number of items and the quality ... It's not bad at all!

What I will share is my main frustration. There was not a single pair or torn fashionable jeans for a curvy girl. Fat is not frumpy folks ... we still like to dress on trend and keep up with fashion!

Tell me what you like and your thoughts, and maybe I'll do another similar post soon.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a sponsored post and it is truly a reflection of my personal style