Every day we face challenges of some sort, whether it be a traffic jam, a family crisis or in my case lost photo files. These moments truly are defining moments and we can choose to either conquer them or alternatively allow them to crush us!

Upon reflection of my recent incident, I realised how overwhelming the loss of a precious irreplaceable moment can be. Memories are the glue that binds us together. They are however also deep-seated in our hearts and imprinted on our minds, so let's just calm down already! You see no amount of tantrum throwing, crying or depression will ever be a solution to trying to resolve a problem.

Where I go to find peace

For me, the bible is always my inspiration, it is the place where I can seek solutions that will get me back on track. One of my favourite verses is the following: Psalm 46 v 10

" Be still and know that I am God!"

So why is it that I find this so hard to remember at times? Well, because it is often easier to freak out than it is to have faith ... this is the human side of us. The side of us that lets our emotions run rampant through our mind and body ... the part of us which we need to learn to control! So how do I calm the contained storm within my body and my mind? It's not easy but I ask for prayer, I push into the word and most of all I stand in faith, that all will be well.

Meditation and peace

Many think that meditation was derived from the Buddhists, and whilst they may practice a similar concept (chanting and mantra's) it is not the same as reading the word. The bible often refers to Jesus "meditating" on the word, so no mantras. no clearing the mind ... but rather a different kind of "focus". Clear your mind of irrelevant clutter, focus on God's word, and live in a conscious space of positivity and faith and hopefully, the storm in your mind will subside. 

As for my photography dilemma, the jury is still out. I have people at Orms (thank you, Gavin, in Bellville) photography and Lexar (Simon) helping me trying to recover the images and so I have honestly had to find peace and leave the rest in God's Hands. After all, no amount of panicking is going to bring them back. The lesson learned however, I need to invest in a good memory card asap and never plug your digital camera directly into a MAC computer ... eish! A hard lesson to learn.

Take care and stay positive!