Well hello, happiness on a plate is all that I can say! If you have never heard of THE STACKED DINER in Cape Town on Kloof street ... you do not know what you have been missing!
I recently got together with a girlfriend of mine for a bit of a nosh and chat. I have become somewhat renowned amongst my friends for finding great little eateries that are a delight for both chatting and munching at the same time.


So what makes this food joint unique you may ask? Well, it serves three of my favourite foods!
1. Stacks of light and fluffy buttermilk crumpets (pancakes for our American friends)
2. Stacks of potato rosti with poached eggs (new on the menu)
3. Milkshakes which are hand churned

I believe the burgers are to die for too, but I'll have to get back to you on that one ... what I can say is that I saw the mince meat being delivered and their burger patties must be home made ... yummo!


When Hayls and I got the menu we could not decide what we wanted to eat, so we settled for sharing and the ability to experience both stacks and not miss out!

Option 1: The 5 Stack of original buttermilk crumpets, with bacon and maple syrup on the side.
To say that this was heavenly is an understatement, they are the lightest and fluffiest crumpets ever!
Option 2: The potato rosti with poached eggs and sour cream
Again these were golden, crispy and crunchy, they were drizzled with sour cream and the poached eggs were done to perfection. Do be warned however that this is a stack of four rosti's and it is filling. 
Did I mention I will be back for these again ....sooner rather than later?
All in all, we had great service and the food was awesome. I must mention however that there are steps, door frames all over and the restaurant is not really wheelchair friendly.

The inside of the restaurant is enclosed and can get quite noisy, so in summer you might want to opt for the outside courtyard area if you can. It is a tiny outdoor space and also the space for smokers sadly.
If you are looking for a quaint little diner with great food and great prices, give this place a try it's well worth it!

** This is not a sponsored post